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Styroclad is a weather resistant insulating panel designed to insulate an exposed concrete soffit and provide a solution to insulating an upstand or parapet in roofing applications.

Styroclad is a factory bonded composite comprising 6mm HD grade Minerit and Styrofoam. Minerit is a high-density cement based board designed to withstand extreme climatic and working conditions. It offers excellent impact resistance, with a smooth grey surface and requires no finishing. Minerit is fire rated as Class ’O’ to BS 476 Parts 6 & 7.

Styrofoam is a blue extruded polystyrene and combines low thermal conductivity and high resistance to moisture to ensure permanent long-term insulation. Styrofoam is extruded with the use of a blowing agent. Styroclad uses A-grade foam which is extruded using carbon dioxide as the blowing agent. The ODP and GWP of the carbon dioxide blowing agent are Zero and One respectively.Fabricated Styrofoam

Styroclad is available in a standard panel size of 2400mm x 1200mm x 56mm (overall thickness). Other panel thicknesses are manufactured to order.

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